-About Us-

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Our Commitment


Locksley Trading Co has a genuine desire to produce beauty products that allow us to have an affinity with nature by sourcing natural organic ingredients only. We are roused by the flawlessness of nature, and we use this as our inspiration to hand-make beautifying agents to incorporate into shower, and an assortment of body care items.

Our commitment to you is to provide you with specialised products to use in your daily beauty regime that are not only hand-made beauty care products but also elegant accomplishments of nature.


Our intention is to bring a touch of light and warmth to your bathroom.


I hope you adore our products as much as we do.




Why Organic Oils?


Just the elements of nature with elevated qualities are utilised as part of our product range. To make a normal task of bathing all the more energising, we select the best ingredients of nature: plants, fundamental oils and concentrates. We incorporate them to make pampering products that bring pleasure to bathing.


Body beautifying agents by Locksley Trading Co – imaginative techniques and formulas that go back hundreds of years are now available for your wellbeing. Please allow yourself to partake in a little more enjoyment to start each day.